Thor: Ragnarok is Marvel’s best yet

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Pointing by his box-office figures, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is considered to be one of the least popular of Marvel’s cinematic superheroes.  Of course, it’s all relative”,The God of Thunder’s”are the first two films that made around $200 million (£152 million) each. But to compare  his buddies in the “Avengers”, “Thor” has never quite taken flight, and even in his own vehicles, he is in constant danger of being upstaged by his brother and smarmy arch-enemy, Loki (Tom Hiddleston).

“Thor”: Ragnarok should change all of these. Undoubtedly the best of the character’s three films, it’s being more confident than the others; more kaleidoscopically colorful, also more eye-catching in its design. It has more coherent struggle sequences and more impressive digital effects than its others did. And while it has its hero’s story in order to surprise new places, moreover; it has an endearing reverence for his comic-book roots,that he keeps calling himself “The Mighty Thor”, incause that used to be the title of his monthly comic.

More seriously, this complement, or sequel, establishes its blond leading man as someone who’s fun to hang around with for 2 hours,not for him the geopolitical debates or the personal angst of (Man and Captain America). This time around, “Thor” is a hearty lunk who is swaggeringly to be sure of how heroic he is, even if he still keeping to bump into things and to knock them over. Whenever he makes a speech about the importance of his noble view, you can be pretty certain he is going to be hit on the head moments after that , and” Hemsworth” is just as willing to be a butt in this film as he was in last year’s “Ghostbusters” sign.

The credit for the knockabout tone should probably go to the director” Taika Waititi” who is a New- Zealand comedy specialist that made the sublime vampire mock-doc, ‘What We Do in the Shadows’. In his aspect, “Thor” Ragnarok is so knowingly daft that it almost qualifies as a parody.

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