The caffeine ‘detox’: How and why to cut back on your daily fix

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Maybe you need an espresso at work in order to keep your attention in the late afternoon, or perhaps you get energy drinks when preparing for an exam or late-night work university project; or maybe its your habit to drink caffeinated soft drinks.

Whatever is the form an estimated ‘90%’ of the “US” population always use caffeine, a stimulant and ingredient that has been interested for many years ago. It’s not difficult to do that because caffeine is used in our food where we found in beverages, chocolate and pain medication,etc.
“Caffeine is the most commonly used psychoactive drug,” said “Mary M. Sweeney”, an instructor who researches caffeine’s effects on people in the ‘Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences’ at the “Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine”
Although its known that it can be counted on for a pick-me-up,many researches are revealing other upsides of caffeine such as, improved memory, increased athletic performance, useful effects on liver health and possible protection against Parkinson’s disease. For many people, caffeine may have the unexpected results of staving off hunger, and it helps in making foods seem less sweet, though some professionals would adopt it as a diet aim.
But can there be too much of a good thing when it uses to caffeine?

What are the recommendations on caffeine?

A recent systematic review involving more than ‘400’ studies searched for the adverse health effects appeared with caffeine consumption, including the general toxicity, the cardiovascular effects,the effects on bone and calcium,the behavioral effects, and the reproductive and developmental effects. The research evaluated caffeine coming from any source and was supported with grants from the ‘American Beverage Association’ and ‘the National Coffee Association’ though neither association been in any aspect of the review.
The researchers had that healthy adults can safely consume up to ‘400’ milligrams of caffeine everyday and the amount in about four to eight -ounce cups of coffee.
The review also concluded that healthy pregnant women can consume up to’ 300 ‘milligrams of caffeine daily, an amount that is generally not associated with adverse reproductive and developmental effects, though the “American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists” cautions pregnant women to get less caffeine to 200 milligrams regularly.
Researchers also pointed that kids and adolescents not exceed an intake of ‘2.5 ‘milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight daily, because they state that the available literature for these groups was weak. For a child weighing ’55’ pounds this translates to a daily limit of ‘62.5’ milligrams of caffeine.

When your daily fix becomes a ‘problem’

Research shows that most Americans use less than the everyday ‘ 400’-milligram limit, and stronger effects of too much caffeine are typically had at much higher doses. Still, too much is any amount that launched to gastrointestinal problems,hard in sleeping, nervousness, irregular heartbeat or excessive urination, Sweeney said.
As caffeine can affect and accelerate one’s heart rate, it leads to  a problem for those with an existing heart condition, according to “Dr. Vince Bufalino”‘, a spokesman for the American Heart Association and senior vice president and senior medical director of Cardiology-AMG, Advocate Health Care, in Naperville, Illinois’.
Other research points to the fact that caffeine may indirectly harm if its consumption provokes other unhealthy habits, as if you drink  coffee it may promotes doughnut eating or cigarette smoking, or ifenergy drink consumption promotes alcohol intake.
For some people, the idea of dependency in and of itself as along with its associated signs of withdrawal,it  can be enough of a reason to cut back.
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