Iran nuclear deal: Trump vows not to sign off agreement

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US President Donald Trump  convicted Iran as a “fanatical regime” and refused to keep certifying an international nuclear agreement.

He said that he mentioned the deal to Congress and would consult allies on how to let it appear.

He indicated Iran of sponsoring terrorism and he said that he would decline the government system “all paths to an atomic weapon”.

International observers say that Iran has been in full submission with the 2015 deal in order to freeze its nuclear program.

But Mr Trump said the deal was too lenient and of  two occasions as he mentioned. They had override the limit of 130 tonnes of thick water its known as the  source of plutonium suitable for a nuclear bomb.

Recently, the  governmental system had failed to get the expectations in its operation of advanced centrifuges.he said that Iran was ” death,destruction and chaos” in the world.

Within minutes of his speech the EU’s foreign policy chief” Federica Mogherini” urged that  the deal was firm and that there hadn’t  been any breach to the commitments in the agreement.

She said  that it was not in the role of “any president in the world” to terminate the agreement which had been mentioned  by a “UN Security Council” resolution.

Mr. Trump centered on Iran’s non-nuclear activities such as the Revolutionary Guards that he called it the “corrupt personal terror force of Iran’s leader”.

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